Background Information:
Maasai Pastoralists Development Organization (MPDO – LARETO) is a Nongovernmental
Organization formed in 2002 and formally registered in 2005 under the
Ministry of Home Affairs with registration No. 13284. Its headquarters are based in
Losimingori village, but having its communication office in Arusha City. MPDOLARETO
was formed to with the objective of facilitating community development
initiatives through capacity building and awareness creation in all sectors of
development. The area of operation currently being Monduli, Arumeru, Longido and
Ngorongoro districts Arusha region. LARETO is a Maasai word which means
“community self-help”. The organization was formed after the realization that the
Maasai pastoral community especially in Monduli District are lagging behind in all
aspects of development when compared to other ethnic groups in Tanzania as well as
in this modernized world.
MPDO-LARETO is envisioning a community with sustainable management of land and
natural resources, with improved human rights and their livelihoods.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to rehabilitate and restore community livelihoods living in Monduli
District though encouraging and empowering men, women, and youth by providing
capacity building in areas of education, health and HIV/AIDS awareness, natural
resource management through sensitizing and promoting sustainable development
among pastoral community, and in collaboration with other organizations that aim to
helping poor and marginalized communities.
Organization attributes:
 Equality and non-discrimination - amid respect about Human Rights as also
stipulated in our Constitution;
 Our Objectives- seek to promote participatory development approaches
through strengthening communities capacity to initiate and manage their own
development; and
 Commitment- we are committed working voluntarily with the rural poor
people to strengthen the capacity of grassroots community to identify their
needs and meet them from their own resources with little support from
Aims and Objectives:
The aims and objectives of the organization include:
 To encourage, empower and motivate resident of the target villages to
participate in development programmes;
 To provide education on environment conservation, schools, natural resources
management; and health education in HIV/AIDS awareness& energy
renewable (Solar energy);
 To promote the preservation of customs and culture which are ideal for the
Maasai pastoralists youths of the present generation;
 To work in collaboration with poor communities and share information with
other stakeholders to improve community livelihood
Organization achievements:
The past organization activities implemented include
1. Constructed an early child learning centre Lossimingori village;
2. Sponsored twenty girls from poor families to secondary schools levels;
3. Conducted HIV / AIDS trainings and formation of clubs in Mti mmoja, Lepurko,
Arkatan, and Losimingori villages;
4. Improvement of Lossimingori water pipeline;
5. Construction of rain water harvesting tanks in Mti moja village;
6. Agro forestry training in nine villages of Esilalei, Oltukai, Makuyuni, Manyara
Ranch, Loosimingori, Moita Bwawani, Mswakini juu and chini;
7. Establishment of women groups in three villages of Lossimingori, Mbuyuni and
Naiti for income generating activities.
8. Training for on Land rights and policy
9. Establishment of tree nurseries and forest gardens project in Monduli, Longido &
Arumeru districts.
10. Developing organization five year development strategic plan 2014- 2019
The on-going activities:
1. Identification of supporters or partners who will join hand the implementation of
identified community needs or projects;
2. Conducting Board meeting and training
3. Conducting General Assembly meeting
4. Implementation of Losimingori pipeline water project final stages;
5. Environmental conservation, training and establishment of trees nurseries in
Arumeru, Ngorongoro and Longido districts.
6. Training community members on hygiene education in two of Lossimin
gori,Naiti,Naitolia and Mti Mmoja.
7. Training on Land rights and land management policy.
8. Awareness creation on the management of pastoralists’ grazing rotation in
9. Training on adaptation of climate change.
10. Construction of pit latrines in Mti moja village.
11. Renovation and finishing of community learning centre at Lossimingori.
12. Establishment of cultural tourism programs in Lossimingori village.
13. Continuation of HIV/AIDS awareness, trainings, counselling, testing &
14. Continuation support of schools infrastructure.
15. Trainings on gender equality on resources management.
16. Community social business at Monduli district(Income generating activities)
17. Installation PV solar system at 7 primary schools in Mswakini and Lemooti
18. Preceding with solar PV system installation in 67 identified public institutions in
Monduli and Longido districts Arusha region.

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  1. Good job till now as you have shown. But how do you link community and natural resources conservation? It could be better as well to mention achievement. eg 20% of the forest recovered after introducing solar system in the community.